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Word Academy is a game of SCIMOB which helps you increase your intelligence and you’ll find it very attractive. This game owns a theme in each level different and going higher and higher gives you a feeling of wanting to go through more levels. The Word Academy game starts from an easy level to difficult ones in which the number of words increases and makes more difficult the solving. You have to find the correct words from the grid and then you receive a diploma which means that you have passed the level and can go through another one.

Sometimes you may need some help for passing any level and you can use hints that are given, but finishing them and when you have no other alternative you can try visiting our page where we will post every solution for Word Academy answers.

Word Academy squeezes your brain for finding every question hided behind of the grid. This game is a challenge and helps you use your creativity. More than 50 million players enjoy this game by downloading it from the App Store and make a brain workout. Word Academy, has also a poor vocabulary which can tire you a bit and can make you scratch your brain until finding the right answer .


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