Word Academy Ghost Answers

Welcome to Word Academy Ghost pack. In order to play Ghost pack, first you have to pass the Hipster pack.

Word Academy is a brain-bursting Word game you should download right now. Word Academy is not your typical word game that you can find in Play Stores and App Stores today, because this game challenges the every bit of your brain to squeeze out your creative juices in identifying the best word each game grid hides. This is a level-based experience game that if you are not into words and has a poor vocabulary, you’ll probably end up scratching your head thinking what is the best word hidden in the grid for you to advance to the next level.

By clicking on each level you will be redirected to the level page, where the answers are given by video.


Word Academy Ghost answers:

Ghost level 1 : Brass – Copper – Steel
Ghost level 2 : Tree – Timber – Lumber
Ghost level 3 : Flood – Storm – Squall
Ghost level 4 : Turnip – Carrot – Root
Ghost level 5 : Fedora – Beanie – Head
Ghost level 6 : Shallot – Onion – Bulb
Ghost level 7 : Crush – Squeeze – Mash
Ghost level 8 : Rugby – Bocce – Tennis
Ghost level 9 : Stuntman – Jump – Fall
Ghost level 10 : Copper – Boron – Radon
Ghost level 11 : Metal – Welding – Heat
Ghost level 12 : Study – College – Exam
Ghost level 13 : Closet – Dress – Shirt
Ghost level 14 : Cream – Beige – Blonde
Ghost level 15 : Mallet – Paddle – Pole
Ghost level 16 : Pine – Walnut – Almond
Ghost level 17 : Salmon – Trout – Shark
Ghost level 18 : Flour – Sugar – Baking
Ghost level 19 : Buddy – Crony – Friend
Ghost level 20 : Nacho – Taco – Burrito

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word academy Ghost

This is the latest game of Scimob, the same company that developed games like 94% and 94 degrees. Word Academy can be played on both Android and iOs devices. At the time of this article, there is no version for Facebook users.

Pay attention that SOMETIMES there are more than one way to solve the first word.
So even if you can find the solutions in our site, the way you solve the first word may influence the solutions of the other words. On simple advice is to always use the letters adjacent to each other, or if you prefer to watch the video by clicking on each level in the above list.

If you still have problems, let us know by commenting below. We will replay with clear instructions as soon as possible.

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